The World Goes Raw Cookbook

An International Collection of Raw Vegetarian Recipes

People everywhere know that meals prepared without heat can taste great and improve their overall health. Yet raw cuisine cookbooks have always offered little variety–until now. In The World Goes Raw Cookbook, raw food chef Lisa Mann provides a fresh approach to (un)cooking with recipes that have an international twist.

After discussing the healthfulness of a raw food diet, The World Goes Raw Cookbook tells you how to stock your kitchen with the tools and ingredients that make it easy to prepare raw meals. What follows are six recipe chapters, each focused on a different ethnic cuisine, including Italian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Asian, Caribbean, and South American dishes. And from soups and starters to desserts, every one’s a winner. There are even easy-to-follow instructions for growing fresh ingredients in your own kitchen garden.

For more information click: WorldGoesRaw-Cookbook

Whether you are already interested in raw food or are exploring it for the first time, the taste-tempting recipes in The World Goes Raw can add variety to your life while helping you feel healthier and more energized.

Lisa Mann is the author of
The World Goes Raw: An International Collection of Raw Vegetarian Recipes.

She is also the founder of Lisa’s Living Well, a nutrition and educational company focusing on raw food preparation. She brings healthy and easy-to-prepare raw food to the mainstream through classes and demonstrations. Lisa is a raw food teacher, with French culinary school training.

Lisa Mann’s background includes: Clinical Nutrition training at the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy, and Chef training at Chez Boucher Culinary School. Currently she is completing a Masters degree in counseling and working on her new book, which explores the connection between raw foods and controlling diabetes. When she isn’t working, Lisa enjoys spending time with her family, practicing yoga, bicycling, and taking long hikes in the woods. An avid traveler, she has spent many years exploring the globe in her quest for fun adventures, fantastic food and great health. Lisa firmly believes that everybody, no matter their shape or income, can benefit from the healing power of raw foods.


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