Dr. Brian Clement

100 km north of Miami on the banks of Lake Worth is the famous Hippocrates Health Institute (Hippocrates Health Institute) in West Palm Beach, Florida, which was founded by the philanthropist Dr. Ann Wigmore. They follow Hippocrates, the “father of medicine,” who gave the sentence:

Let food be our medicine

The primary goal of treatment is the activation of self-healing with the help of holistic treatments that include an enzyme-rich raw food vegan diet. In general, the treatment starts with a 3-week detoxification program. Since 1956 have been years in the health institution hundreds of thousands of people from some serious or even fatal diseases like cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, diabetes, etc. successfully treated. About 40 to 50% of patients arriving from all parts of the world, were admitted with the forecast, only a few weeks to live. Tens of thousands of them have become completely healthy again. Lt. Dr. Brian Clement, heart disease (leading cause of death), etc. on a meat diet containing denatured due and curable with the vegan organic raw food, exercise and a stress-free lifestyle to 98%.

Co-directors of the institute are Dr. Brian Clement and his wife, Dr. Anna Maria Clement-Gahn. Dr. Brian Clement has experience of more than 30 years in the field of natural medicine and nutritional science.

Today Dr. Brian Clement lectures internationally including in Switzerland, Sweden, France, Portugal, etc.. In addition, Brian Clement several groundbreaking books on natural healing veröffentlicht.heilbar.

Much of the world population vegan diet

Dr. Brian Clement considers the consumption of animal products for the leading cause of cancer. He points out that a vegan 60% of the world population is still mainly vegetarian or eat a small part, ie We are not meat eaters who switch to a vegetarian diet, but we always have been and largely vegan or vegetarian in some cases. The minority eats meat, mostly in developed nations. Lt. Clement is the massive propaganda on the marketing of meat and dairy industries due ..

Maximum availability of proteins in plants

“Proteins are generally derived from plants,” explains Dr. Brian Clement. With the help of photosynthesis is absorbed by the plant leaves turn ultraviolet light into amino acids. “The highest availability of protein-building amino acids is essential in raw plant foods, like green leaves, seeds, grains, sprouts, seaweed and algae,” says Clement continued.

Healing with green juices, sprouts and fresh water algae

Hippocrates Health Institute in these leaves are used in the form of green juices. In addition, sprouts are used for healing, because they contain much protein in the form of essential amino acids already been split. Detoxification treatments are supported with the use of algae.

Other advantages of the vegan diet as per Dr. Brian Clement

Aging process is slowed
less aggression
more compassion
less depression
and clears the mind thinking
less environmental impact
Noodles, bread, cakes, etc. are addictive food from denatured carbohydrates.

Article translated by Marta Gal BelgiumGoesRaw

Artikel auf deutsch / Original source: GermanyGoesRaw

BOOK by Dr. Brian Clement:

Hippocrates LifeForce

Superior Health and Longevity

Hippocrates Institute Director, Dr. Brian Clement, shows how the Hippocrates LifeForce program implements the use of raw living foods to help people maintain a healthy weight and stimulate natural immune defenses against cancer, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses. Dr. Clement discusses psychological attachments to unhealthy eating habits and describes strategies to create a personalized support system. This health manual can help anyone improve their well-being. Also includes recipes from the Hippocrates Kitchen to inspire and give you a head-start towards incorporating more raw foods into your diet.

Book-ordering: www.amazon.de


Healing our World

free Health Magazine – vegan living foods

Magazine of Hippocrates Health Institute

Free subscription to the Magazine:




Life Change & Health Educator Program

The Hippocrates Health Institute is the leader in the field of natural and complementary health care and education.     

Please send me more information about the Life Change and Health Educator Program: / Bitte senden Sie mir weitere Informationen bzgl. Gruppenreisen aus Deutschland etc.:

  • Life Transformation Program / Lebenswandelprogramm
  • Health Educator Program / Ausbildung zum Hippocrates Gesundheitsberater


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